Thursday, February 21, 2019

{ Stockton Kazu Ryther | 5 months old }

{ Stockton Kazu Ryther | 4 months old }

{ Stockton Kazu Ryther | 3 months old }

Happy three months son! You are such an angel and bring so much light into our family. This month you’ve learned how to ROLL! You’re such a smart boy and are so funny when you try to roll. You turn your head and shove it into the carpet and keep it there to try to roll over. You still need some help from mom but once I give you that little push, you pop right up and genuinely love tummy time.

This is the second month we’ve been dairy free and it seems to be getting a little easier. Mom still feels like she’s starving but I know that it’s making you feel better so I’m ok with it. As long as you’re happy, I’m happy. That’s all I want for you.

You caught a nasty cold from your cousins and sister and mom feels so bad for you! You’re up all night constantly coughing and gagging because of your lovely gag reflex. Will you ever grow out of that?! I love you. But it would
Be nice to be done with the puking.

You love bath time and smile at your sis when she dumps water on you.

You smile ALL the time. You’re such a little chatter box too! Very social. Taking after your mom maybe?

Your sister is really showing you love this month.

We love you lots.


{ Stockton Kazu Ryther | 2 months old }

This month we found out why you're so sad all the time. You can't eat DAIRY! Which means mom can't eat dairy. Poor bug. You've had a stomach ache this entire time and here we are thinking you're just a colic baby.

{ Stockton Kazu Ryther | 1 month old }

One. Not quite sure how time is flying so fast. We're so in love and incredibly exhausted from trying to navigate how to be parents to two little souls.

{ Stockton Kazu Ryther }

Stockton my boy. My son! I have a beautiful son.

To start my birth story, let’s go back a week. On Monday, August 6th I had my 38 week check up with Dr. Watts and a non stress test. We did several of those along with several ultrasounds to make sure Stockton was growing how he should because of my history with IUGR. He was always small, but healthy!

That day I told Dr. Watts that I’d been having some contractions and he thought it would be a good idea to strip my membranes to see if we could get me to go into labor on my own. I had an induction date set for August 15th which would put me at 38 1/2 weeks. The exact same delivery timeframe as I was with Scottie. Well the day he stripped my membranes, it threw me into a week long labor! The next day, I lost my mucus plug which I never did with Scottie so I thought ok, this seems like labor because I was having contractions 5-10 mins apart. Of course this was in the middle of the night. They weren’t consistent for the entire 6 hrs I was counting, but they were on and off consistent. I’d never experienced going into labor on my own so I thought this must be it.

Cam and I called Jerry and Lynnette and at 2am, we went to St. Marks to labor and delivery. I was having contractions on my way in, but once I got there and hooked up to the machine, they stopped.

They monitored me for a while, checked my cervix and said I was a 2 and 70% effaced. Since my contractions stopped and I wasn’t making any progress, they sent us home around 6am which puts us at Tuesday morning.

Thursday rolls around and I have another ultrasound and nonstress test. Baby boy looked good! He had dropped from the 11th percentile to the 5th earlier that week so that’s why we set an induction date for him. Dr. Watts was always so kind to call me personally and tell me what the plan was. That day during the ultrasound I had told them that I felt like my amniotic fluid might be leaking. I was at a 10 that day and anything under a 5, they send you to labor and delivery. Since fluid levels were always a concern with my pregnancy, I was so anxious and worried about it. So they told me to go to labor and delivery downstairs and run a test to see if there might be a small hole and that my fluid was slowly leaking.

As I’m undressing and putting on those awful gowns, in comes my nurse. Madi Owens! I danced with Madi at skyline and was an SBO with her as well so it was a fun surprise. She was my nurse! I couldn’t believe it. She asked if I cared that she was my nurse and I’ve always loved Madi so I didn’t mind. Madi got me hooked up to the machine, again, and we monitored. She did the fluid test and said it would take 30 mins to run so she sent the test back to get checked. She checked me and I’d dilated to a 3 but was still 70% effaced. Meanwhile, we caught up, I had a few contractions, talked about how if it was positive they’d keep me there, and then the results came back.


I was happy but also sad at the same time because I’d had a decent amount of contractions since my Monday appointment with Dr. Watts. So, Madi sent me home! She told me her schedule for the next few days as I was hoping I might go into labor in the next little while. Madi was leaving town for a week but said she was working Sunday and Monday the next week. We hugged and hoped I would go into labor on those days. So again, I was sent home.

Nighttime rolls around and I’m having painful, 2-5 mins apart contractions, AGAIN! They lasted for 6 hrs in the middle of the night so again, I assumed and thought ok, this HAS to be it. We get in the car to go to labor and delivery for the third time. I fill out the same paperwork I’ve filled out three times, then they put us into a room.

They hook me up to the machine and check my cervix. I’d dilated to a 3 so I made some progress but was still 70% effaced. My contractions weren’t regular at this point so they told me to walk the hospital for an hour. Cam and I went outside to walk and we walked down a few streets into a neighborhood. I couldn’t help but feel so incredibly embarrassed that I kept going into labor and delivery and getting false alarms so I just started to cry. I wanted baby boy here so badly but also I was in so much pain. I thought this was it.

We head over to 711, buy a drink and a few donuts and head back.

They checked me and again, sent us home.

I was done thinking I was going into labor on my own at this point. The weekend went by, slowly, but surely. My mom had us over for yakiniku on Sunday and it was delicious as always. During dinner I was having more contractions that were more painful. I was having to stop to hold the arms of the chair while having them. They were SO uncomfortable.

We went home that night and again. Contractions 2-5 minutes apart ALL night after midnight. I was too scared to pull the trigger and wake Cam up so I just endured them. By 6am I couldn’t take the pain. I called the on call Dr because I was nervous to make the wrong decision again. I stared to cry a little and was having contractions on the phone and had to pause while I was trying to explain my symptoms. The Dr on Call told me, you know it sounds like you’re in a lot of pain I can hear you contracting so maybe wait another 20 mins, if they’re consistent still, come on in.

So I did just that. I went upstairs to put on makeup, and the contractions weren’t stopping. At that point I thought I must be at least dilated to a 6 because I was in so much pain.

We get to labor and delivery around 9 am, they hook me up, Check my cervix and I’m still a 3. HOW?! Luckily Madi was working that day and I just broke down and asked her if Dr watts would keep me there and induce me because my induction date was two days away anyways. I was in so much pain and could take another long night of contractions. She said she’d go talk to him and meanwhile had me get dressed to walk for an hr again. The next thing I know i see Dr watts pop his head in and ask how I’m doing. I started to cry again and was explaining to him how I first felt so stupid and second how I was in so much pain. He was so sweet and told me he wanted to just come give me a hug and told me he was going to keep me there. I immediately had a huge sense of relief come over me. No more pain! He asked if that was ok with me and of course I said YES! The nurses still had me walk to see if I could dilate any further. I walked the hospital, stopped for contractions, had lots of stares as people knew EXACTLY what I was trying to do. It was kind of funny actually to see people’s reactions. A giant prego lady walking the halls and stopping mid walk to breathe through a contraction.

Cam went to get some food since we knew we’d be locked in for a while and wouldn’t be eating anytime soon. He got a Betos burrito, I got a McDonald’s hashbrown, yogurt parfait and orange juice.

Once we finished breakfast it was about 11am. They had a room ready for me so they sent us off to room 4 to deliver and meet our baby boy!

My cute nurse was an older lady, her name was Gaylene and she was the sweetest. She started to prep me and attempted to do an IV. She, and the head nurse blew 3 veins and at this point, I’m crying again. I’m having painful contractions and not only having PTSD from the first experience (they blew 4 veins with Scottie), but am in pain on both arms again. Both my hands felt broken. They asked the anesthesiologist to come in to try because my veins are apparently tiny. The anesthesiologist finally got a vein in my hand, but it took a long time and Cam said it looked like the worst experience ever. I just stared at the ceiling and closed my eyes, trying to forget about the pain.

By this time it’s around noon and the anesthesiologist was getting ready to do my epidural. I was in so much pain and having contractions so when he asked me to curl up in a ball, I struggled big time. This was the absolute worst experience and worst pain I think I’ve felt! The Dr couldn’t get the epidural right so he had to do it twice. By this time I’m drenched in sweat and feeling like I’m going to throw up. Gaylene gave me a zofran to help and was wiping my face with a cold cloth. She I was so sweet and I was so grateful for her. She just held my hand and was comforting me just the way I needed comfort. Once the epidural was successfully placed, I started to feel better. Thank goodness for modern medicine!

Once my IV was in, gaylene checked me and I was a 4 which meant I was progressing on my own! I was going into labor! Dr Watts came in and told us that he’d come back in a while to break my water. He came back around 2:30 pm and I’d dilated to a 5 1/2 when he broke my water. When he broke my water, he said not much at all came out. So they decided to put the monitor around Stockton’s head just as they did with Scottie. They also decided to put fluid in so that the umbilical cord wouldn’t collapse. Around this time Madi came in to be my delivery nurse!

I remember every time I contracted, fluid would come out just like a normal delivery would. THATS what it feels like to pee your pants and have no control?! Haha I laughed every time.

I stalled at a 5 1/2 for a while so they decided to put me on pitocin at this point. They put me on pitocin for an hour and then took me off to progress on my own. It was 4 pm at I was a 6. I got the epidural shakes really bad during labor so Mari and Cam would put pressure on my entire body to try to help me. I remember my entire jaw hurting so bad from shaking. Madi kept checking on me and we kept catching up. By 5 pm I was an 8. Then as we were talking I told Mari, I feel like he’s coming out. So we rang the nurse button and Madi came in to check me. Sure enough it was 5:55 pm and baby Stockton was making his entrance! I was a 10! I couldn’t believe it was here already.

Dr Watts came through the door and we were ready to push. I pushed for five minutes and then the most beautiful baby boy was born. I sobbed. Sobbed so many tears because I was grateful for this human and was so happy he was safe! Cam and I brought this amazing son into our lives and I couldn’t believe it. Someone I love so dearly to raise a son with.

Stockton Kazu Ryther was 6 lb 2.8 oz and 19 in long. Born at 6:05 pm. He is the sweetest little soul and I’m grateful he’s ours.

Friday, December 8, 2017

{ Scottie Yuki Ryther | 11 months }

Weight: 17 lb 5 oz

E.L.E.V.E.N MONTHS!!! Holy cow. Where is time going!? My 5 lb baby is eleven months old? She's so big. I say this EVERY month. Every month! Yet it doesn't get old :)

I can't believe how much she has learned. She's started to sleep through the night which literally has changed my life. She sleeps from 8:00 p.m. - 8:00 a.m. and I am dead. Dead! I literally never thought this day would come. I look back on the past 10 months and at the time thought, "you know what, this sucks but I'm going to get through it and wake up like a normal person and do what normal people do even though I've had 2 hrs of sleep." Nope. Nope! I was not normal. So thank you Scottie for sleeping through the night.

She's also learned how to walk with help. She loves to walk and hold your hands. Her legs are a little unstable but she's doing awesome. Scottie also loves to whistle. It's so funny because not much noise comes out when she makes the "blue steel" face but you can definitely hear a little whistle but mostly just air from a tiny mouth. She thinks it's hilarious when other people whistle.

Scottie's favorite food is clementines! She will DOWN those things. More often than not, she's choking on all of her food because she stuffs her face full, and then realizes she can't swallow it all. I think I've de-gagged her 500 times by now.

Her favorite game to play is peek a boo in the car. I always put a blanket over her legs because you know, Utah. It's December weather in Fall. She picks up the blanket and hides her face, I say "Where's Scottie?" and then she pulls it down and has a giant grin on her face. She'll do that the entire way from our house to grandma/grandpa's house.

Still loves baths. Absolutely loves it but lately she's figured out that the shower knob pulls up and she will pull it up and down and up and down and up and down.

Scottie cannot STAND getting her diaper changed. It's like someone is pinching her. She can't even handle it and on top of that she hates getting dressed.

She's still itty bitty and wearing her 4-6 month clothes. We love all of her little body. She gives me open mouth kisses every time I get her from the crib in the mornign and I will always be grateful for her sweet spirit. I love you so Scottie girl.

Until next time,


Dear Scottie,

Happy 11 months baby girl! I will always call you my baby girl. You are so big. I can't believe how much you've learned this month and I'm so incredibly proud of you for being you. You're so smart and observant. You learn so much just by watching people. I like to think you got that from your mom :) You can do anything you put your mind to. I've been a little more emotional than not these days and your smile helps me get through. I tell you this every month but you truly are my angel. You came at the most perfect time and I was reminded of that again just recently when I went on a girls trip to Arizona. Your dad and I haven't had the easiest of times lately but you have helped us get through. You're our focus. You're our life. You help us love more. Sometimes it's hard to be patient with you but once you're asleep in my arms and I stare at your face, I realize again and again how perfect you are. You've completed our lives and we could not be more grateful to have you in our family. Keep radiating happiness.

We love you Scottie.